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  • NOT Left or Right, Seriously NOT ALP, LIB or Green. Just a Punter... more

    Netball fans are here if you need

    27 May2019
    Women’s Sport in Australia is finally coming into some prominence. From Matildas to ALFW, everyone is getting regular mentions in our newspapers and in sports reports on the telly – not as much as we would [...] Read More...

    Slow clap Australia

    19 May2019
    Look, I hate to say I told you so, I wanted to be wrong, but… I wrote this back on the 28th of April, “Will the Coalition lose after all” where I discussed the full deck of odious right wing parties on the [...] Read More...

    What do the dumb people do?

    19 May2019
    Well, my standard four hours of sleep did not improve my mood. I remain gutted. I have decided to rant. It was supposed to be cathartic, but I think I might be getting angrier by the minute as I keep thinking of [...] Read More...

    Ghosts of social media past, a very modern political problem

    03 May2019
    There has been a conga line of candidates who have been disendorsed or quit in recent days – and more to come I’d say – all due to comments they have made on social media. Read More...

    Dear Izzy, you have a choice unlike LGBTIQ

    14 Apr2019
    A lot is going on with the sacking – or potential sacking – of Israel Folau from Rugby Australia. It has been fascinating to watch and interesting to see various sports journalists, pundits and the public [...] Read More...

    Don’t forget the women who have been left behind on International Women’s Day

    08 Mar2019
    Personally I would say Men’s Day is every day, but, anyhoo, now that I have pissed off any dudebros who are reading this… ?? Let’s discuss how we can make International Women’s Day better. Read More...

    The Age of Entitlement is Far From Over

    23 Feb2019
    One of Australia's highest ranking diplomats Joe Hockey in his infamous first budget spoke of lifters and leaners while declaring the end of entitlement. Apparently, so determined was Joe not to remain a leaner [...] Read More...

    Sorry NRL, we have to break up, it’s not me, it’s you

    17 Feb2019
    Over the past few years I have slowly turned away from the game. The off-field dramas have just continued unabated, regardless of how many times we hear “The NRL is taking seriously…”, it just doesn’t [...] Read More...

    The ALP are not declaring war on Grandma & Grandad!

    03 Feb2019
    If you are on social media and pay attention to #Auspol you would think at the moment that the ALP’s Dividend Imputation policy – commonly referred to as franking credits - combined with winding back Negative [...] Read More...

    2019 #Auspol election: It is all about the vibe

    04 Jan2019
    Sorry, if you thought, “Yes! We have an election coming, let’s slam the Coalition, they are a mess with crappy and cruel policies” and everyone else was thinking the same, you are wrong. Read More...

    [S]he who wishes to fight must first count the cost

    18 Nov2018
    Telling someone not to freeze involuntarily is like telling them to see well without their glasses! The author has stated that the intent of the article is not to blame victims, nor to tell women how to respond in [...] Read More...

    Women must stop freezing – for our daughters

    14 Nov2018
    The #metoo movement has done much to highlight sexual harassment and has outed some high-profile serial offenders. Yet the USA has an alleged serial offender as President. What does that tell you about women’s [...] Read More...

    Nick Off DudeBro! I am not wasting time on you, just choose a response from the below…

    09 Nov2018
    OK, I don’t know about you, but I am sick to death of entitled people who feel they need to tell me exactly how wrong I am, all the time, in relation to women’s issues in particular. The weird thing is, the [...] Read More...

    UPDATED: The Guardian Australia, please, we need to have a chat

    17 Aug2018
    Now before I go any further, let me state up front, I love The Guardian, I really do. For mine, their move into Australia back in 2013 was one of the best things to happen in the media landscape in this nation in [...] Read More...

    Eggshell Skull elicits all the feels

    10 Jul2018
    To be brutally honest, I’m not a fan of memoirs or autobiographies (non-fiction in general), in fact, if someone recommends a book to me and they utter the words “inspirational” or “journey”, I run a [...] Read More...
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